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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Puff Pastry Pie

Again I had some broken puff pastry sheets and couldn't make it into a puffs. The below one is not a recipe, it is just a method I tried at home to make a pie. Thought I would do some ad for puff pastry again. It was a surprise hit at home. 

You need 
  • Puff pastry - 6 pieces (I get small square ones here)
  • Any filling of your choice (Here I used chicken manjurian as the filling)

  • Oil the base of the baking dish
  • Line the baking dish with puff pastry sheets. I used a loaf pan of 19.5 cm x 9.5 cm. 
  • Fill it with the filling of your choice

  • Cover the top with the remaining pastry sheets and brush lavishly with beaten egg.

  • Bake in a preheated oven at 150 degree centigrade for 15-20 minutes or until done. 


  1. yummylicious.. perfectly made..

  2. lovely idea....superb....yummy filling too

  3. Hmm...Now i got the idea how to make puff pastry.. Thank u for sharing...& it looks yummy.. :)

    - Sarika

  4. Wow looks so delicious,love the filling,unique recipe.

  5. Looks superb idea...yummy yum,will try sometime:-)

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  6. quick pie and filling sounds too delicious...!!
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  7. good idea....looking perfect :)

  8. loved the innovative idea.looks delicious..


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