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Friday, June 29, 2012

Mini Cheese Cake (& my 100th post)

Today it is my 100th post. I'm glad and thankful to each one of you who took time to visit my blog space and left comments. All your comments were warm and a big stimulus to go forward. Keep visiting when you find time. Today's post is an eggless no bake cheese cake (upside down). It is divine and very devilish at the same time. I made it in cupcake tray. De-moulding the cake was bit tricky. You just need to be careful while doing it.  The below recipe yields 6 mini cheese cakes. You can make this into one medium size cheese cake in a round spring pan and refrigerate. Cut and serve as required.

You need
  1. Cream cheese - 140 gms
  2. Paneer cubes - 20 small cubes (crumbled)
  3. Milkmaid (condensed milk) - 3 tbsp
  4. Glucose biscuits - 10
  5. Butter - 2 tsp
  6. Hershey's strawberry syrup

  • Powder the biscuits and mix it with butter to get a bread crumb texture.
  • Crumble the paneer with your hands
  • Beat together the ingredients 1 to 3 very well until it becomes airy and fluffy (high speed for 5 minutes)
  • Butter your cupcake holes in the tray.
  • Take 1 tsp of biscuit crumbs and press into the bottom of the cupcake hole. Flatten it well
    with your fingers. 
  • Repeat this for rest 5 spaces
  • Spoon in the cream cheese mix above the biscuits layer.
  • Refrigerate in freezer for 1 and 1/2 hour. 
  • The trickiest part is scooping it out without disturbing it. I used a butter knife and spoon. 
  • Also you can line you trays with cupcake liners and then once the layers are set, you can peel it off. 
  • Serve with strawberry syrup
Note: Once you demould the cheese cake leave it in lower part of  refrigerator until serving.


  1. Nice cheese cake Reshmi..Mini cakes look so cute and easy to serve..

  2. Congrats on your milestone.. the cheese cake looks really yummy

  3. Wow congrats n your 100th post keep blogging :)

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  4. cheese cake looks very delicious. congrats on 100th post

  5. congrats on 100th post dear..

  6. congrats on ur 100th post. Nice cheese cake

  7. hey reshmi thislooks really nice. tell me does it melt away soon or what? did u beat in mixie cheese paneer and milkmaid

    i wud love to try this

  8. hearty congrats Reshmi on crossing 100 posts..its good that you have posted eggless no bake cake in this particular day:)....actually i thought its a baked one at 1st sight..thanks for sharing..will try someday..

  9. mini cheese cakes are looking stunning...lovely presentation and click..

  10. congrats dear.....fabulous cheese cake....yummy

  11. Congrats! for the century Reshmi. Best wishes. Loved the cheesy treat! tempting :p

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

    :-) Mira

  12. Click on your its amazing, wonderful space you have. Could not find your exact little upset. Thanks for visiting and following my space. Lovely recipes here also. Glad to be your follower. Happy blogging...........

  13. Mini cheese cakes looks yummy and wonderful...Congrats dear..

  14. wow..very beautiful cheese cake,yummy!!
    Congrats on your 100th post,wish you many more mile stones:-)

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    1. The Kerala Kitchen(June'12)

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  15. Congrats on your 100th post :) perfect way to celebrate with these mini cheese cakes. Lovely presentation!!

  16. Congratulations on the 100th day in the blogophere world, Reshmi! This is such a wonderful recipe,with glucose biscuit crust and paneer in the filling- super yum and kudos to you friend!

  17. Congrats on yur 100 th post....gud recipe blog....i am first here. And happy to follow you...

  18. Congrats, and a lovely and delicious 100th post..

  19. Congrats dear..Yummy cheese cakes with nice presentation...
    Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

  20. Congratulations on your 100th post in this virtual world!! I have just begun to love cheese cakes and this one looks super yumm and inviting!

  21. Thats absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!

  22. Congrats n ur 100th post Reshmi..... Nice cheese cake

  23. Hey reshmi, Congrats on the 100th post :). Lovely cheese cake. I make a similar one with mango.

    I also just finished my 50th post today :) :)

  24. My awards post is up, Reshmi ( finally, right?) Thanks friend and congratulations again on the 100 posts!

  25. Good One !


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