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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chocolate Cake Balls

This is an item which I did when my cake didn't come out as well as I thought it would. There was some flop show in between and so ended up with chocolate balls. These balls were an instant hit. It is very easy to make and kids will love it. I always had this chocolate ball affinity whenever I saw it inside bakery glass boxes. So this did satisfy most of it.

  • Chocolate cake - 1/2 kg
  • Chocolate syrup - as required (I didn't use any)
  • Hershey's semi sweet chocolate chips - 100 gms
  • Melt chocolate chips on a double boiler. When it starts melting mix well using whisk so it melts well and doesn't get burned.
  • Microwave chocolate chips for 30-40 secs on high power. Take it out. Use a whisk to mix well. If the chips have not melted again keep for 10-20 secs. Don't keep on microwave too much as chocolate will get burned.
  • Break the cake into fine crumbs. My cake was very soft and sticky so there was no need to add chocolate syrup. If yours become bit dry add little chocolate syrup. Mix with hand and make small gooseberry sized balls.
  • Using a fork and spoon dip each ball in the melted chocolate. Let excess chocolate fall down. Keep on a wax paper and refrigerate for 2 hours. 
  • You can keep these refrigerated and thaw it as required.


  1. easiest way to do chocolate ball!!!!

  2. Trully yummy, finger licking good chocolate balls dear.

    today's post:

  3. Yummy cake balls.. Lovely dessert.

  4. so delicious and tempting choco balls, lovely idea..can't wait to try!

  5. definitely a kids pleaser,yummy delightful & chocolaty:)

  6. Mouthwatering- chocolate and cake, all crumbed- I need to paw the screen :))

  7. Very tempting, kids would simply love this..

  8. These sound heavenly... Drooling!!


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